I was on Google Maps the other day. I was looking at the changes to my hometown. I live an hour from Linden, TX and I have no reason to visit other than the cemetery. I was exploring the town that I know very well. Looking at the different neighborhoods that I knew from when I was a kid. I believe that I have rode a bike over that town many times over. And then when I started driving, of course the boundaries were open. As a young teen we found places to hide in the country and off the road. We had many places to go hang out, but it depended on what we wanted to do. The Iron Ore Pond, The Fire Towers, Kildare or The lake of the Pines. We had many spots to party away from everybody. Stay out of site and you didn't get in trouble. There were no cell phones. So no one was going to call you and change your plans. In the time killing journey I was on it suddenly stopped. Out of all the places that I had looked and zoomed and repeated. I ran across a structure that I had parked beside on the grass for so many hours that I couldn’t recall. If we were looking for friends or waiting on them this was a place you checked or stayed to be found. Dreams were dreamed. Love, lust, heartbreak and life was discussed. And many hours of laughter had smoothed over most of life’s little problems. All the while so many artists of the 70’s were playing the soundtrack of our young lives. The Stones, Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Aerosmith, ZZ Top and so many I can not list. If you were close to my age you know what I mean. And the place I am referring to is The Pickle Shed. It sat beside Club Lake Road and what I have always called The Pony League Baseball Field. It was a long open shed with a raised wood floor and tin roof. I never saw it in action but I was told it was the Pickle Shed as far as I can remember. It was in town, but no one ever gave us a problem being there. Now I know where others picked their places in our small town and If I needed to find them we all new pretty much where everybody hung out. But The Pickle Shed on Google Maps stopped me in my tracks. It was a place that I had spent many hours at. We didn’t get on the shed floor. It was not our property. But my car was parked there beside it quite a bit. I think what stopped me while I was looking at the computer was all of the thoughts that place stirred up. And mostly the sadness of how we had no idea how fast time would pass. How brief of a great time in our lives would just be a memory. But all the music and laughter did not prepare us for that. In my opinion, it was the some of the best years and I never knew it until I was an old man. I want that old unused Water Tower that says ”LINDEN” on it to stay. And I want that old Pickle Shed to stay there as long as it can. To be truthful, I am surprised it is still there. But it put a nice smile on my face to see it.